Grow Cook Share Resources

Grow Cook Share aims to improve the quantity, quality and variety of fresh produce available to accessing food relief and to help them develop the confidence and skills to prepare healthy meals at home.

The project has three main initiatives:

  1. Establish cooking clubs to teach people how to cook simple healthy meals using fresh produce.
  2. Encourage community members to grow and donate fresh fruit and vegetables to Bendigo Foodshare.
  3. Redevelop the Salvation Army Gravel Hill Garden to increase its capacity to grow fresh produce for food relief.

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Did you know Victorian households throw out 250,000 tonnes worth of food each year? That’s enough wasted food to fill Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. The average Victorian home throws out approximately $2,200 worth of food each year.

Food thrown into your bin ends up in a landfill and breaks down in a way that can create greenhouse gases, including methane, which affects air quality and public health.

When we waste food, we also lose the resources used to grow that food, including water and soils, as well as all the energy used to process, package and transport food from markets to our homes.

Learn how to grow and donate your homegrown produce to Bendigo Foodshare so that everyone in the Central Victorian community can have access to healthy food.

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