Peter Bull, who’s General Manager of Viatek Central Victoria, says Bendigo Foodshare aims to reduce food poverty by distributing food to charities, community organisations and schools throughout Central Victoria.

“It’s a not-for-profit group, run by volunteers. Some of the not-for-profit organisations they provide food to are actually clients of ours, such as the Salvation Army and some of the schools. The schools have food available for children who often don’t get breakfast at home and don’t have lunch to take to school.

“Bendigo Foodshare does a fantastic job. Their monthly throughput is now 90 tonne. When we first joined them, around 12 months ago, they were happy to get 30 tonne a month. They’ve tripled their throughput in the last year and still can’t keep up with demand.”

As well as Peter being an ambassador, Viatek Central Victoria has helped by supplying a phone, PC and printer and set up their internet.

“We’ve also fixed up a few technology things around the place, and one of our admin staff has gone out and helped on a couple of occasions with some bookwork for a couple of hours. Our staff really like being involved.

“They do such a great — and, unfortunately, such a necessary — job. Right now they need to raise $100,000 so they can keep going.

“I think it’s really important to give back and be a contributing member of the community. We’re proud to do a small part in helping Bendigo Foodshare, which has this year distributed more than a million meals through 80 relief organisations and schools in Central Victoria.”