While popping in and out of local stores in and around Bendigo and Castlemaine, you may have noticed one of our Bendigo Foodshare cash donation boxes sitting on a counter or two (or 120 to be exact!)

Our Foody Funder program was started six years ago and continues to be a key fundraising program that not only generates funds but also helps get the Bendigo Foodshare name out in the community.

Chris, Di, Ken and Joy are the original ‘Foody Funders’ who joined Bendigo Foodshare as volunteers many years ago. Chris recalls that he was looking to spend some time volunteering after retirement, “When I turned up at the warehouse back in February 2017 for an interview, I expected to be assisting on the factory floor. To my surprise, I was told that I was going to be a part of a future fundraising group for Bendigo Foodshare along with three other volunteers. We inherited a list of around 20 tins that were already out there in the community and now our small team looks after 120 tins plus we run other fundraising programs.”

There have only been a few changes to the Foody Funder team over the years, a core group of dedicated volunteers (including Chris and the wonderful Marg and Judy) take on the constant activity of placing the collection boxes for cash donations in local businesses. Those businesses range from cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, local bakeries, small retail shops, hotels and even to the bigger supermarkets – all who support the work we do in our community.

While food donations are at the core of what Bendigo Foodshare does, cash donations – no matter how big or small – are also vital to help keep the organisation running. So, when you’re out and about shopping and spot one of our donation boxes, consider adding a gold coin or two, or even a note if you can. If carrying cash isn’t your thing and you’d like to donate, you can make a tax-deductible donation online, on our website, at any time.

Because every dollar counts when it comes to helping us feed the thousands of Central Victorians experiencing food insecurity.