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Café for a Day is our program to connect young people with local chefs to learn the art of cooking, healthy eating and hospitality through preparing and selling a meal from a café space.
“I think for students… they might enjoy this program because it’s giving you life skill lessons and going to help you focus on your career and where you want to start.” Student participant
Over the course of a day, participants will prepare, cook and serve a delicious dish to our community under the guidance of expert local chefs, helping them pick up valuable food and work-related skills they can then use later in life.
Participants may also have the opportunity to complete their formal Food Handling Certificate and be connected to local job support agencies to assist in employment pathways, adding more to their personal toolkit for the future.
“These skills could set you up for the benefit of a nice job in the future, either being a chef or just cooking at home.” Student participant
“Café for a Day was brilliant. (Students) were able to do a lot of really hands-on experiential learning in a real life setting, which was very beneficial.” School staff member

2023 Café for a day was a huge success!
Thanks to the 15+ participants, over 200 people and 6 project partners that were involved – it was so much fun!

Stayed tuned for upcoming session details

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