Meet the team

Michelle Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle has over 25 years experience leading innovation and development in the not-for-profit sector (including across family services, women’s health and family violence services). She holds a Master of Business Administration and has highly developed skills in leadership, community engagement, program design, strategy and operations. Michelle is a proud Bendigonian and is excited to be leading Bendigo Foodshare; helping get food to those who need it, and piloting innovative new initiatives for social change and more resilient families and communities.


Bridget Bentley

Community Engagement Manager

After managing Bendigo Foodshare for two years during the pandemic and at a time of growth for the organisation, Bridget now has a focus on leading the development and expansion of community programs to increase food skills, particularly in vulnerable communities. Bridget has extensive knowledge and experience in food systems, holding a Bachelor of Agriculture and 17 years of experience in the agricultural, natural resource management, sustainability and emergency management sectors, across disciplines including social and market research, behaviour change, stakeholder engagement, marketing and business strategy, and project management. With a focus on collaboration and extensive connections across Central Victoria, Bridget has successfully developed and implemented innovative local solutions to building food security that involve a broad cross-section of the community.


Kaye Lehmann

Warehouse Operations Manager

Kaye joined Bendigo Foodshare at the end of 2022 to assist in purchasing food to help with our flood recovery efforts, before stepping into the Warehouse Operations Manager role in early 2023. She brings a wealth of experience to the role having worked over a long period in her family’s business involving food warehousing and logistics; as well as in the social services sector.


Emma Bourke

Community Relations Manager

Emma has more than 15 years experience as a media and communications specialist, working for local government, state government and a large national charity. Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations), and is highly skilled in media relations, community engagement and crisis communication, bringing a broad range of experience delivering awareness and fundraising campaigns.  When she’s not leading our Marketing and Fundraising efforts, you’ll find her giving back to her own local community – on the committee of the Bendigo Community Toy Library and her children’s local kindergarten.


Annie Constable

Finance & Warehouse Support

Annie was a contract bookkeeper before commencing at Bendigo Foodshare, with 25 years of experience gathered across a diverse range of fields, including accounting, allied health, beauty, and construction. Looking to reengage with the community after a break from work, she began volunteering. Bendigo Foodshare has given her a purpose and an opportunity to contribute back to the community, first as a volunteer and now, as our Finance and Warehouse Support. This role has provided her with some of the most stimulating challenges of her working life and has been her most rewarding endeavour so far.


Joe Deane

Warehouse Coordinator 

Joe started volunteering with Bendigo Foodshare in early 2022 as a way to connect and contribute to his new community after moving to Bendigo from his home town in Tasmania. Recognising his many talents, Joe was brought onto the team as a Business Trainee through Westvic Staffing Solutions and studies locally at TAFE.  Through the 12 month traineeship, Joe was immersed across many areas of Bendigo Foodshare’s food relief and community programs work.


Steve Smith

Grow Cook Share Food Hub; Urban Farm & Grow a Row Coordinator

Steve has worked for over 25 years as an organic gardener and food producer, partnering with a range of community groups and non-profit organisations to promote sustainable local food production. He has extensive experience as a social worker, having worked in various capacities with young people in residential care, mental health support, employment services and forensic disability care. Steve joined Bendigo Foodshare at the end of 2022 and is excited to be working towards local food security with the Grow Cook Share food hub project.


Meg Last

Grow Cook Share Food Hub Officer

Growing up on a farm Meg had access to homegrown produce and continues to express her creativity through developing nourishing food and sharing this with others. Meg joined Bendigo Foodshare in late 2023 and has a passion for supporting local businesses and creating a sustainable, inspiring local food system. Upon discovering it was not the right time to pursue study of nursing and business, Meg traveled, both overseas and in Australia, completed 200-hours of Yoga training and provided social support for members of her community. Meg is grateful to be part of the Grow Cook Share Food Hub, to spend time immersed in nature at Golden Gums farm and in the community, evolving from a place of connection to create positive change.


Flynn Wallace-Farell

Grow Cook Share Food Hub Officer

Flynn began volunteering in the community at the age of 14 in various social and community roles – this experience sparked their passion for building sustainable communities that are both safe and accessible. Flynn joined Bendigo Foodshare at the end of 2023 as part of a 12-month role and is excited to be working towards local food security with the Grow Cook Share food hub project. Before Flynn joined our team they worked at the Bendigo Bowling Centre for over 4 years, during this time they picked up many skills, including – incredible customer service, basic mechanics and food handling.  Flynn is an avid cook and one of the things they love the most about being in the kitchen is using their own homegrown or locally sourced fruit and veg when preparing meals. Flynn’s passion for community wellbeing, low food milage and all things food is what makes them a perfect fit at Bendigo Foodshare.


Toni Hastie

Marketing and Fundraising Officer

After first volunteering with Bendigo Foodshare in 2022, Toni joined our staff in early 2023 and is now leading our Marketing and Fundraising efforts. She has a passion for marketing and social media and experience managing the Bendigo Community Farmers Market, along with extensive admin experience. Toni also has a strong appetite for all things food related and is passionate about everyone having access to healthy, nutritious food. Her passion is so strong that she recently completed a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition.


Eh Thout Kya

Youth Project Officer

Eh Thout started with Bendigo Foodshare in late 2023 when she took on the role of Youth Projects Officer. She has always had a passion for helping people in need and working with young people and carries more than seven years of experience in the community youth sector. When she is not leading our youth programs, you’ll find her helping out at the Karen Organisation of Bendigo, an organisation that she is heavily involved in and close to her heart. Eh Thout migrated to Australia with her family in 2010, after leaving a Karen refugee camp. Last summer, for the first time in 13 years Eh Thout travelled back to Thailand to visit her extended family and birth country/homeland – a trip she describes as nothing short of life-changing.