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Where is the Food Hub located?2022-06-09T12:29:36+10:00

Corner of Bellevue Road and Breen Streets, Golden Square.

Why was the Golden Square site selected?2022-06-23T16:10:59+10:00

The Golden Square site was identified as a suitable site for the Food Hub by the City of Greater Bendigo back in 2019, and a master plan of the site was developed for the project by Y2 Architecture in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The site was chosen as it is only 2km from the Bendigo CBD, which ensures the Food Hub is inclusive and accessible by car or public transport to the many volunteers, community members and organisations who will use it on a daily basis.

The food hub site is crown land, owned by the Victorian Government and is managed by The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the local Traditional Owners, Dja Dja Wurrung.

What work currently happens at the Bendigo Foodshare warehouse?2022-09-06T11:49:40+10:00

Bendigo Foodshare’s warehouse operations is centred around receiving, storing, sorting and distributing food for food relief. Trucks deliver food several times a week to the warehouse and three vans operate to distribute food to partner organisations. Volunteers from our community help us to do this important work.

Increasing demand for food relief across central Victoria has meant we have outgrown our current location in Havilah Road, Long Gully and are planning to develop a new food hub in Breen Street, Golden Square.

What is a Food Hub and why do we need one?2022-06-23T15:08:07+10:00

Our vision of a food hub is a centralised location where the community can come together to address food insecurity, share ideas, access locally grown produce and learn to cook, grow and share food. 

The food hub model is not new and has been replicated in many other countries.

Food hubs provide an integrated approach that achieves multiple and long-lasting benefits, including:

  • Increased access to and affordability of healthy, fresh and local produce for vulnerable and low-income residents 
  • Linking local producers to consumers and food businesses
  • Training and employment opportunities for residents
  • Business incubation opportunities for new entrepreneurs 
  • Urban renewal and regeneration

Why is Central Victoria getting a Food Hub?

The increasing demand for food relief across Central Victoria has seen Bendigo Foodshare needing to find a bigger space that is more easily accessed by the community to store and distribute food to those in need.

In 2015, the City of Greater Bendigo undertook a feasibility study (link to study) to establish a regional food hub in Bendigo. 

Through the success of the Mission Possible funding campaign, Bendigo Foodshare has raised funds to build a new warehouse.

You were going to Garsed Street. Why aren’t you still going there?2022-06-09T10:37:39+10:00

Bendigo Foodshare explored an opportunity to restore a dilapidated warehouse on Garsed Street. However, despite best endeavours from all parties involved, a suitable lease agreement could not be met.

Who will manage the site so it is safe?2022-06-09T10:45:33+10:00

The construction of the new build is being managed by Fairbrother; reputable and experienced builders, who are concurrently managing the City of Greater Bendigo’s GovHub project. Fairbrother will maintain a safe worksite and ensure they meet the City of Greater Bendigo’s building regulations. 

How was the community consulted about the Food Hub?2022-09-06T14:16:31+10:00

Bendigo Foodshare has been in need of a new home for a long time. In 2015 the City of Greater Bendigo  undertook community consultation which informed a feasibility study investigating the site as a potential Community Food Hub.

Where are the Pony Club moving to?2022-06-09T10:58:19+10:00

The City of Greater Bendigo are actively working with the Bendigo Pony Club to assist with their relocation to a suitable new site.

Will the farmers market still operate from the site?2022-09-06T14:23:01+10:00

The Bendigo Community Farmers Market will continue to operate from the site and is an important long-term partner of the Bendigo Community Food Hub. 

How much of the site is being built on?2022-06-09T10:59:55+10:00

The fenced construction site for stage one only covers a small portion of the overall site as detailed in this map.

Will the surrounding properties be impacted during construction?2022-06-09T11:01:40+10:00

The fenced construction site only covers a small portion of the overall site, as detailed in the map below. The construction is being managed by Fairbrother, who are reputable and experienced builders. Construction will occur within days and hours as determined by City of Greater Bendigo building regulations.

Is there still space for community recreational use?2022-06-23T15:12:54+10:00

The Bendigo Community Food Hub covers a small footprint relative to the entire property, as outlined in the map below. The rest of the site will remain available to the public for safe recreational purposes. 

How long will it take to build?2022-06-23T15:13:44+10:00

The Bendigo Community Food Hub will be completed by early 2023.

Once complete, what will the operating hours be?2022-06-09T11:32:58+10:00

Bendigo Foodshare’s current and expected operating hours are/will be 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm on weekends.

How will traffic be managed in the surrounding areas?2022-06-23T16:13:12+10:00

During construction, Fairbrother will develop a traffic management plan to ensure that all traffic entering and exiting the premises will be done safely and with minimal disruption to other road users or local residents.

There will be no trucks or other vehicles operating outside of operating hours, being 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 3pm on weekends.

Trucks deliver food several times a week to the warehouse and three vans operate to distribute food to partner organisations.

How can the community get involved?2022-06-09T11:37:17+10:00

Bendigo Foodshare is owned, run and loved by our community, relying on community involvement for everything we do. Visit our website to find out how you can get involved and help out now and when the new Bendigo Community Food Hub is in operation.

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Bendigo Community Food Hub

Our vision of a food hub is a centralised location where the community can come together to address food insecurity, share ideas, access locally grown produce and learn to cook, grow and share food.

It will be an inclusive and inspiring place where people can access fresh, healthy food cheaply and in a dignified way. In partnership with the community, we would like to further develop the Food Hub to include a pop up cafe, cooking skills training area and a food garden. These areas will provide valuable connections to food and community – working with our partners to grow, cook and share food and skills.

We will look to develop social enterprises that benefit community (e.g. encourage pathways to employment opportunities) and make our community programs sustainable.

How can I obtain further information?

This dedicated web page has been developed to keep the wider community informed about the project and will be updated regularly with all of the latest information about the Food Hub. We encourage you to follow the Bendigo Foodshare Facebook page where we will also provide updates as construction progresses.

If you have questions that are still unanswered, we encourage you to email us at
You are also welcome to call us on 5444 3409, however, as we are a volunteer-based organisation, we do not expect volunteers answering the phone to be able to answer all queries. If you leave a message and your contact details, our staff will call you back in due course.

How can I obtain information in other formats or languages?

If you require information in another language, large format or in an audio file, please email

Bendigo Community Food Hub Supporters

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