With the incredible support of our community and donors, we are thrilled to announce we have achieved our Mission Possible, raising an incredible $2.8 million! What a community! This has been made possible through the Victorian State Government’s investment of $1 million through the Community Support Fund, allowing us to build a brand new food relief and community food hub at the proposed location of Breen Street in Golden Square.
Phase one of the new build, will be our new warehouse and distribution facility – doubling food storage capacity and providing a new, safe environment for workers and volunteers. It will also include a social supermarket, giving locals a place to access fresh, healthy produce.
Working in partnership with Y2 architects, the Bendigo City Council, the Bendigo Farmers Market and in consultation with our new neighbours, Bendigo Pony Club, we are now working to finalise our plans and start construction as soon as possible at the proposed site.
We look forward to sharing this journey with you all!
But right now and more than ever, we still have an important job to do; getting food into our warehouse and out to those who need it. To do this costs money to keep our fridges going and the vans driving across Central Victoria rescuing and distributing food.

So if you’d like to help, please click here to donate