Lots of happy faces at the very successful Café for a Day session.

A huge congratulations to the lovely participants from @accessaustraliagroup who did a fabulous job and cooked a very delicious gnocchi dish.

Six young people took part in the program and developed their communication, cooking and customer service skills but most importantly they had fun. The participants even said they would feel confident to make the gnocchi for their family at home and that they will be more comfortable cooking for themselves.

Around 50 delicious meals of ricotta gnocchi were sold, with more than half of them enjoyed takeaway style and the rest enjoyed as an eat-in meal at Hoo-Gah.

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved, including @hoogahbendigo Chefs Gina and Leigh, and everyone who bought a meal.

Thanks to Win News Bendigo and @bendigoadvertiser for coming along and covering the event.