The Kindness Collective is led by the full-time Operations Manager – Kerryn Wildenburg.

Kerryn is pictured here picking up food from the FoodShare Warehouse after spending time with our Bendigo Volunteers quality controlling the fruit and vegetables and helping to pack orders (including her own) before loading up and heading back to Kyneton.

Kerryn is a very bright, up-beat, happy person who loves her job, her volunteers and serving her community. The Kindness Collective runs their Free food pantry, an Op Shop, a Soup Kitchen & Crisis Relief centre. The Op Shop helps to fund the Collective. Most recently they have managed to buy a new Van (after saving for three years) to help shift food and goods.

The primary activity of The Kindness Collective, is to share food and it currently provides support to over 600 people each month. While The Kindness Collective was initially established to support the local Kyneton community, the service now provides support to people throughout the entire Macedon Ranges region and beyond.

If you are in Kyneton, drop in for a visit, a cuppa and a chat. Kerryn is an absolute joy and her merry band of volunteers will warmly welcome you.