Marg Mangan
The first face many of our new volunteers see when they come along to join our team is that of Marg; always smiling, and doing all she can to make a difference.
Marg first joined our volunteer team a few years back, helping on the warehouse floor. A self-professed people person, she then quickly began to take welcome sessions for new volunteers, giving them a tour of our site, telling them what we do and how they can get started.
She’s also part of our active Foody Funders volunteers, our boots on the ground looking after donation tins in local businesses and ensuring strong relationships with their owners and staff.
For Marg, getting involved with Bendigo Foodshare was about staying active after retiring as a nurse.
“I’ve spoken to a lot of volunteers and the reason we do it is for the community, but we’re also doing it for ourselves,” she said.
“People like to help others who are doing it tough, and a lot of people like to feel useful.”
But, she also does it to connect with community – and loves the fact that getting involved can be so rewarding.
“I’m a bit of an introvert myself – but I like the interactions where I can go out and meet people,” she said.
“I enjoy making people feel like this is a good place to volunteer.
“And, the Foody Funders are a great team – when we get together to discuss plans, it’s just like having coffee with friends!”
Thanks, Marg – for all you do at Bendigo Foodshare to help us in our fight to tackle food insecurity – and make everyone feel so welcome. 💚