Our Winter Food Drive is on now!

The familiar yellow donation bins are now in your local supermarket! We would love to see these overflowing with food by the end of July. Times are tough right now- together we can help provide food relief to Central Victorians in need.

Bendigo foodshare finds it difficult to source non-perishable food to supply to those doing it tough; it is both hard to come by and expensive. If you can donate just one thing each time you do your shop you could help to feed a family. We aim to receive 5,000kg of Food by the end of July. Bendigo Foodshare currently partners with 76 organisations across the region, who help get the food out to families affected by food insecurity.

Thank you to all of our local supermarkets who are hosting a bin or two for us throughout July.
A huge thankyou to @bendigomarketplace for welcoming us today to launch our Food Drive; an even bigger thankyou for donating 2 full trolleys of food to kickstart the campaign.

Please share to help spread the message and don’t forget to donate next time you’re in store. For more information click the link in our bio to head to our website.

Thanks to our Food Drive partners; The City of Greater Bendigo, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Champions IGA, Maiden Gully IGA, Stoneman’s Village IGA, Eaglehawk IGA and Lansell Square.