Trish moved from Benalla in 2021 where she had spent nearly 30 years as a Maths and Science teacher.  After retiring, Trish and her husband moved to Bendigo to be closer to their daughter and her family, and have thoroughly embraced life in our beautiful town. 

In March 2021 Trish started volunteering at Bendigo Foodshare in the warehouse as a Fruit and Vegetable Afternoon Shift Sorter.  At the start of the shift she checks-in with the shift coordinator to see what has come in, and then sets up crates with a variety of fruit and vegetables.  Sometimes non-perishable goods are donated, so Trish helps set up the ‘Lucky Dip’ boxes, which contain various items, depending on what is at hand. 

Trish says she hates food-waste with a passion! She wanted to volunteer at Bendigo Foodshare as it is a perfect fit with her values, and she tries to live her life truly to those principles. She has not one, but 12 wicking beds in which she grows seasonal vegetables – she says it’s addictive!!

“Volunteering is very important to me.  I have been fortunate in life with my education, health, family, and volunteering, especially somewhere like Bendigo Foodshare, is a chance to give back to society. It gives me a sense of appreciation for what life has provided, and that in a small way I am contributing to helping others who are doing things a bit tough right now.”

As well as being a smart cookie, Trish has an extremely active life and some impressive skills!  She and her husband are regulars at Gurri Wanyarra – you’ll find them cutting laps in the pool or lifting weights in the gym.  If they’re not there, they’ll be on the golf course, or in a ballroom, dancing, or Trish will be in her workshop wood-working!  Yes, Trish builds furniture!  In her spare time (!!). Trish keeps her mind challenged by voracious reading and doing cryptic crosswords.   

Thank you, Trish, for contributing to Bendigo Foodshare’s culture of caring.