Starting this week, Bendigo Foodshare will increase its food collection and distribution services to ensure food relief continues to reach the communities of Heathcote, Axedale and Rochester after a vehicle owned by Heathcote Foodshare was involved in a traffic collision on Friday.

Bendigo Foodshare Vice Chair, Michael Armstrong said the Bendigo-based food relief agency was keen to help its peers in Heathcote during what was sure to be a difficult time for the community group.

“We were sad to hear our counterparts at Heathcote were involved in a road accident and now need to replace their delivery truck”, Mr. Armstrong said.

“We understand Heathcote Foodshare may be without a second vehicle for some time while it finds an additional $12,000 to replace the damaged truck.

“We have offered to increase our services to seven days a week to ensure the people of Heathcote, Axedale and Rochester can still easily access food relief without having to travel to Bendigo.”

Food poverty is a significant issue in the greater Bendigo region with more than 25,000 residents living below or close to the poverty line, and one in nine finding themselves unable to provide healthy meals for their family each week.

To staff the additional demands, Bendigo Foodshare is asking community members to volunteer their time at the not-for-profit’s warehouse.

“As a grassroots organisation, we rely on the generosity of a dedicated group of volunteers,” said Mr. Armstrong.

“To make sure our core group of supporters are not over-loaded with additional work, we’re asking people to consider donating a few hours of their time each week to help with tasks such as collecting food from supermarkets and suppliers, working in the warehouse and making deliveries.

“Volunteering is a rewarding activity where you can a life-changing contribution to people in need while gaining practical work experience in a dynamic work environment.”

To volunteer your time with Bendigo Foodshare, contact the Operations Manager by email at or telephone (03) 5444 3409.