In September 2022 we celebrated 1 year since our new branding was rolled out.

Our logo, which includes our name and nine food icons, was designed (fully in-kind can you believe) by one of our volunteers.

That volunteer was this man here, Ronnie McKee – an advertising, marketing and graphic design expert with over 40-years experience with some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Through his expertise and guidance, Ronnie helped us to develop a brand that reflects positivity. While our organisation tackles serious issues of food poverty, our aim is always to do that with positivity and hope. We think our striking logo with bright colours, food, and people (reflecting our brilliant community) does this ever-so brilliantly.

Ronnie has become an integral part of the team – supporting the evolution of our brand. During the past year he has helped us to roll out various designs for our organisation, including our vibrant vans signage, stationery, uniforms and our website design. Ronnie has also been integral at bringing to life the branding for our youth projects; Cooking for Change and Cafe for a Day

He said he’s taken on the challenge just like he would any other job with large corporate companies, and sees his role as using communications to ensure we create a resilient local food system that’s accessible to all.

For Ronnie, the reason for volunteering with us is simple – using one’s wide and varied skills to play a part in making a difference.

“All of my career I’ve always believed that when there are people in need, the best approach is to use the skills you have as an individual, and apply them in a way that can benefit others,” he said.

“I’m feeling really privileged to be part of it.”

We’re so proud of our ‘new’ brand, and love it more each day. Thank you for what you’ve helped us to create Ronnie.