Vicky Mason began her journey with Bendigo Foodshare in 2019 when she worked closely with us during the establishment of the Community Food Hub in her role as Director, Health & Well-being at the City of Greater Bendigo. We crossed paths with her again when Bendigo Foodshare commenced planning for the build of our new warehouse at Breen Street in 2020. In 2020-2021 Vicky liaised closely with Bendigo Foodshare during the Covid-19 pandemic in her role as Pandemic Coordinator for the region. 

Vicky has a passion and interest in the role food plays in supporting our health and well-being, she enjoys growing, preparing and cooking food. When Vicky was asked what motivated her to join the board she said “ I have a strong commitment to social justice and supporting those in our community who are socially-economically disadvantaged and faced with food insecurity”- something that Bendigo Foodshare does a great job at addressing. With Vicky’s work history in public health and her experience as a dietitian, it was a no-brainer to offer her a spot on the board in 2022-23. 

Vicky contributes to future strategy and policy, advocates for Bendigo Foodshare, and Chairs the Governance, Strategy and Culture Committee. She enjoys learning about and researching how to support and improve the fantastic work that Bendigo Foodshare is doing. Vicky likes how Bendigo Foodshare is supporting our community by both providing food relief to those in crisis; and preventing food insecurity by working with and educating individuals, young people and families to grow, cook, share and sell food. 

Vicky says that we all have an obligation to the wider community and you can get a lot back from contributing.  So if you are contemplating volunteering in your community, there’s no time like the present.